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Thanks to our unique, coconut shell granular activated carbon filtration system, the water you'll get from SunRay Waters tastes great!  Austin’s drinking water has received the highest possible “Superior” rating by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  AND we make it even better.


Our water is so great, so desirable, that several other water companies, even some from San Antonio, have contracted with SunRay Waters to put our water in their bottles!


You won't find purer water

Drink safe, local water

Most of the other guys import their water from Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Shreveport or even as far as Little Rock. At SunRay Waters we start with a good product, Austin municipal water, and make it even better by removing 99.9% of contaminants during our distillation process. Not only do we remove the fluoride, chlorine and ammonia, but we reduce the total dissolved solids (tds) to about 0.7 parts per million (ppm.)

How to find us

• 182 milligrams of calcium and other hardness minerals

• 200 ppm tds

• 10.6 grains hardness

• Added fluoride, chloramine

Austin's tap water

FREE testing

Bring your water to us and we'll test it for FREE

Plus get 3 FREE gallons!

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