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Most other water companies will charge you a deposit, but at SunRay Waters you can skip the hassle and expense. Though some large residential or commercial customer may not qualify for the program, the vast majority of our customers do not pay deposits.


You can also get water service without a contract. We truly believe that you should get affordable water on your terms.

Skip the deposits and contracts

You may be surprised by where you can taste us

If you're in Central Texas and taste a bottle of water that's surprising, delicious, crisp and lively, then the chances are good that it was produced by SunRay Waters.


Numerous water companies, both in and out of Texas, are so impressed with our process that they bottle our water under their own label.

How to find us

• Start with exceptional Austin water

• Remove 99.9% of particulates

• Run it through a unique coconut filtration system

• Deliver fresh water to satisfied customers

A different approach to water

Save 20%

Join our W.E.T. Club for serious savings!

FREE caps!

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