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Do you wonder about the quality of your current water?  Just bring a sample to our store and we’ll test it with our state-of-the-art Sprite 6000 conductivity meter and total dissolved solids tester to show you how contaminated the water you're drinking is.


You can then watch us test our own water right out of the dispenser. You'll see the difference for yourself - plus you get 3 gallons of SunRay Waters premium distilled water absolutely FREE.

Families deserve affordable, healthful water

You have options in the Austin area, but SunRay Waters is the only water company that distills water in our own facility to remove approximately 99.9% of all contaminants.


The water is then percolated through a unique, coconut shell granular activated charcoal filter that endows it with a crisp, fresh, light and lively taste.

How to find us

• Chlorine, chloramine and fluoride are removed

• Hard minerals are removed

• The water is filtered

• Water passes through a thin film composite semi-permeable membrane

The reverse osmosis method

Bring in your current water for testing and

get 3 gallons.


Find out what you're really drinking - for FREE!

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