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Once you’ve purchase our bottles, you can bring the empties back and exchange them for pre-filled replacements, and pay just $0.65 per gallon for reverse osmosis or $0.75 for distilled water. Call ahead to have the water waiting for you, and rest assured we’re always happy to help you carry your bottles to your car.


Bring your own container and fill it yourself at our custom designed fill station for just 45 cents per gallon for reverse osmosis or 55 cents per gallon for distilled. Buy our bottles and get 2 FREE fill-ups of the water of your choice for each bottle you purchase.

Exchange and BYOB pricing

Your delivery options - no contracts or deposits*

Get your first 15 gallons of water FREE. After that you’ll pay just $1.60 per gallon for reverse osmosis filtered water, or $1.70 per gallon for distilled water in either three- or five-gallon bottles.


You'll appreciate that there are no deposits required, and you don't have to sign a contract. We believe the best way to keep your business is by offering an excellent product and exceptional service at a great price.

How to find us

7801 N Lamar Blvd., Suite C41

Austin, TX 78752



Mon- Fri 10-6 Sat 10-4 Sunday Closed

• Crock and Stand: Rent for $3.95/month or buy for $38.95 each (select models).


• Room Temp and Cold Dispenser: Rent for $11.00/month, Buy for $249.95.


• Hot & Cold dispenser: Rent for $14.00/month, Buy for $299.95.

Buy or rent your dispenser

Call to ask about getting your first 15 gallons FREE

FREE water

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*Some large volume or commercial customers may not qualify for this program.