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Are you a water geek who wants to know more about the process? Are you a parent who wants the details on how our water is filtered?


Feel free to stop by our convenient location, or give us a call with questions. When you visit you can see the bottling process. You can also bring a sample of your water for free total dissolved solids count, and we’ll test our water right out of the dispenser so you may see the difference for yourself.

Stop by to see for yourself

You'll be impressed by our water purification process

There are a lot of reasons you'll love working with SunRay Waters, from our affordable prices to our no-contract services, plus the focused customer attention you'll get.


What truly sets us apart is our incredible filtration and purification process that's head and shoulders above the competition.

How to find us

• Pre-conditioning to remove chemicals (softening)

• Reverse osmosis process

• On-site steam distillation

• Coconut shell granular activated carbon filtration

• Ozonation for purity

The short version of our process

3 gallons FREE!

Stop by our facility for FREE testing!

FREE testing

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